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  • Management and organisation
  • Inventory (adoption, protection, indexing):
    – Old inventory (until around 1809)
    – New inventory (nineteenth and twentieth century)
    – Documentation and collection
  • Advisory service
  • Archive techniques (restoration, conservation, reproduction, protection)
  • Computing and internet
  • Archive library
  • Publications
  • Archive-pedagogic and historical-educational work

Archives of the Katharinenspitalstiftung Regensburg – Foundation of the hospital of St Catherine

The Spitalarchiv (archive of the hospital) is responsible for registration and storing and analyses the archive’s properties and collections. It also advises the management in all questions concerning the organization of written records and computing.

The Spitalarchiv keeps the Katharinenspital’s traditions and descent in its stack-rooms. There are documents, Amtsbücher (notes of the administration in a bonded form), files and plans, which resulted an still result from the administrative work of the Spitalstiftung (the hospital’s foundation).

The Spitalarchiv collects documents, photos, plans, maps and postcards important for the history of the hospital, the city and the region. It moreover takes over estates and accepts donations of material from private individuals and clubs if these are of public interest. Thus, the archive is the memory of the Katharinenspital and an institution of service and information for management and research work.

Creating a digital “virtual archive” the Spitalarchiv joins up tradition and innovation and constructs a bridge between the 13th and 21st century.

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